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“Dear Jeni
I just wanted to let you know that my wife was completely over the moon with the sculpture. Both of us think you have done the most perfect job and we are so delighted with the end result. Thank you so very much for putting in so much care and effort - it is wonderful and will be a real source of delight to us.” - Mr H Kidston, Bronze commission

“It was a good day everything went to plan and those present were extremely impressed with you and your work.” - Joe Sims, Bronze bust for Museum

“Dear Jeni
Thank you for a fantastic sculpture of my dear late husband Peter Edwards…the likeness is truly amazing and a great testament to your skill and craftsmanship. With gratitude and best wishes for the future,” - Mrs S.G.M Edwards

Re: Wax figure of Swami Chinmayananda
“Dear Jeni,
Hari Om!
Wish you a very Happy New Year.
I am very pleased to inform you that the highlight of our Chinmaya Vibhooti Project is Chinmaya Jeevan Darshan (Journey with the Master) and its highlight is Pujya Gurudev's statue that you have made so very beautifully. This exhibition was inaugurated on 27 December and all those who visited were simply moved. Thank you very much for your work of art delighting one and all.” - With Love & Om, Tejomayananda (head of the Chinmaya Mission)

“The Exhibit is just excellent. People love it and praise it a lot. You have to come again and see the finished product in its full glory. Its great. There is not a single person who doesn't get touched when they see the statue... Most come again and again to sit there. So many shed tears and are really taken by surprise... when they see your work of love. We can never forget you...” - Manisha Khemlani

“Hi Jeni,
Just returned from Vibhuti in India - the statue is spectacular and has made an enormous impression. People are in tears !” - Suresh

“Hi Jeni,
Welcome back.
Wanted to thank you,on behalf of Chinmaya Mission UK for a wonderful creation - the result of your talent, professionalism and dedication will touch many millions of devotees hearts.”
All the best.
Hari Om - Suresh

“Hi Jeni,
It was very nice for me and Nandini to meet you and Sam. You have helped enhance the experience of every devotee visiting Chinmaya Jeevan Darshan more than what you may imagine. Thank you. Do come back and see us. In His Service,” - Ravi Nene

“Thanks for this. Means a lot to me, as does the wonderful work you have done to millions around the world.” - Rupin Vadera CMUK

Re: Merlin sculpture
“Dick has just sent me some pictures of your clay Merlin. I must say that it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for following my drawing so closely, I have no criticism but if you wish please feel free to embellish and flourish on the next one if you wish. Really wonderful. best wishes,” - Gerry (concept artist for Merlin)

Re: Morigan sculpture
“ Dear Jeni
Beautiful! I think you've improved vastly on my original drawing and I really look forward to seeing it in bronze, best regards,” - Gerry (concept artist for Morigan)

Re: Omar Bongo wax figure
“ Thanks Jeni; Amazing job on OB wax statue! Take good care” - Alain Fazili

Re: Leon M'ba wax figure
“ I am pleased to tell you that the grand opening was indeed grand. We almost got a riot because of the figure as evreybody was so impressed, including the Chief himself. Rumour went out that Léon Mba had been taken out of his grave and that his body was exposed for just 24 hours. So, everybody came wanting to see what the old man looked like.

Congratulations for the good job which was applauded by all including Mr Mba's family and friends who new him well. Take care” - Pacôme

Re: Bronze Bears commission
“ After a long search for the right artist, I was lucky to find Jeni and cannot recommend her work highly enough.

She was commissioned to produce an exact replica of a bronze which could not be moved from its existing pedestal and my wife and I are absolutely delighted with the result which captures the original perfectly.

Jeni was very professional during the process and kept to schedule and budget throughout - I have been very impressed and have no reservations in recommending her.” - Mr H. Kidston

Re: "Russell" Sculpture
“ Dear Jeni, Thank you so much for all your talented work on the two statues. We are really thrilled with them.” - Mrs C. Tumath

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