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“A brilliant job! I would certainly keep you in mind for future teaching as I think you did extremely well and the students felt that they had learnt a huge amount in such a short time, once again many thanks” - Allan Sly, Course leader, Wimbledon School of Art

“You certainly got the best out of the students It was a great couple of days, thank you” - Becky Truman, Course leader, Bradford University

“The most telling thing that was apparent throughout the two days - the students were enthusiastic and you easily established a rapport very early on. Gaining their trust isn't an easy thing to do, but everyone was so at ease right from the start - and that's a good sign.” - Dave Stavenau, technician, Bradford University

“I thought we were incredibly privileged to have someone from the industry to share their knowledge with us; knowledge that we would otherwise never have learnt on our own. The two sessions were exciting and interesting and the end outcomes were truly astonishing. It was amazing how different each sculpture looked, but each of them had in some way caught Rachel's character.

I like to think that the two workshops have given me a confidence boost in my sculpting. When you told us on the first day what we would be doing, I must admit I didn't think I could do it. As the days progressed though and the faces took shape I began to have more faith in myself and that I could finally achieve an end product. I would welcome the opportunity to do other workshops like this again in the future, as the benefits from them are incredibly valuable. Thank you again for your time and effort! It is very much appreciated.” - Phil, Bradford

“It was amazingly helpful and encouraging especially to have someone so experienced helping us, and it has really encouraged and motivated me to carry on and do more sculpting.” - degree course student, Wimbledon

“A very useful, enjoyable and well-structured course. Thank you for being so patient and encouraging. I liked the way that you helped us see what needed working on without criticising and made it seem a simple task to make corrections which would make a big difference.” - degree student, Wimbledon

Jeni Fairey’s short life-modelling course at the University of Hertfordshire was a great success.
“We chose a mixed group of 20 Level 2 students from our Model Effects course and from the Digital Modelling course. The group sculpted a quarter scale standing figure from life. Jeni’s preparation, approach and teaching style were excellent and both the students and tutors were very pleased with the outcome.

We are looking forward to employing her again for a similar course.” - Nick Rayburn, Course leader, University of Herfordshire

“The sculpting course was a great joy. The students were enthusiastic and were feeding back positive comments long after the week finished. I thought you're teaching style worked very well for the size of the group. I absolutely loved it.” - Mike Bambury, Tutor, Herts University

“Dear Jeni,
Once again a huge thank you for your work with the students on the head project, the students said how much they enjoyed your teaching also how much they had learnt!

I look forward to working with you again, best wishes for the future.” - Allan Sly, course leader, Wimbledon School of Art

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